Media professionals with

  • considerable planning expertise in traditional and digital media.
  • solid knowledge of media channels, vendors, agencies and their working behaviour
  • experience on the client side as media buyer (you)
  • media sector background: ex-advertisers, former media agency staff, and consultants with the necessary local media market knowledge and experience
  • access to media pricing pools
  • %100 independence from media buying & selling chain

We improve the efficiency of your marketing investments

  • Media ROI Maximization by
    • Cost savings without losing effectiveness
    • Delivering higher rating points / reach with the same cost
  • Total Marketing Auditing (TMA™):
    • ATL Auditing of traditional & digital media strategy, media plans / budgets
    • BTL Auditing of any marketing investments exposed to target audience (e.g POS materials, signboards)
    • Auditing of creative production costs
  • Media Plan Performance Analysis
  • Client/Agency Media Buying Performance Optimization
  • We use empirical data to provide the client with objective feedback on how their media buying agency is performing
  • Proprietary Tool: ADMAX™ v2.0 gives us full database of media intelligence in TMA™
    • Sectoral Media Costs
    • Competitor Media Investment Benchmarking (Plan & Budget)
    • Ad Viewability Measurement
    • Multi Channel Analysis
    • Marketing ROI Measurement & Performance Optimization
  • %100 coverage of actual media plan & buying data, without any sampling methods
  • Tracking marketing and business drivers for your sector
  • Analyzed $ 7 Bilion Marketing Spend of 45 Brands
  • Saved $ 1 Million Cost with Reliable Data from Cost Pools
  • Created improvement opportunities worth between 10 % and 20% of each client’s media spend
    • Advertising is an investment, allocated from %1 to %10 of annual turnover of your company. This is big. Like all investments, marketing investments require High ROI plan, the success of which depends both on perfect media strategy and relevant cost. ROI = Output/Input
    • Agencies have different deal strengths on different medium. Are they really getting the best deals on all mediums?
    • How about smaller portion of marketing investments?
    • Media is almost always the largest investment block in the marketing budget. Brands that invest in paid media channels need reassurance that their investment is done competitively and whether any efficiency improvements are possible
    • Complexity of today’s media landscape makes relevant media planning more challenging than ever for brands.
    • Brands’ global strategy may require local perspectives which cannot be guided remotely. Local marketing controllers might be needed in defining and appliying your KPIs


You managed to save $190.000 out of our 2015 media plan - FMCG Client in Turkey who now has the data to track future media purchases
Your media mix brought higher reach+1 & +3 levels that gave us %15 more sales compared to last campaign. Sales teams were definitely satisfied - Pharmaceutical Client in United Arab Emirates, commenting about an OTC product campaign
We are no digital experts. We would have never noticed the problem, unless you intervened on time - Finance client in Turkey who was not aware that their digital campaign was not delivering at all.
We are finally confident about the choice we made in our overseas markets - Automobile client who had trouble in the aftermath of local agency selection process