Marketing Intelligence

Which marketing investment affects your customers’ decision most? How does it trigger the sales of your product/service?

Mediascope consolidates online and off-line data to build your unique “Customer’s Journey,” a visual chronology of all marketing touch points throughout the marketing and sales process. This personalized model of your customer’s buying behavior allows marketers to directly measure ROMI effectiveness across integrated, multi-channel campaigns, lead sources and media types. The benefit is unparalleled decision-making power to maximize marketing spend, vastly improve decision-making, or accelerate the velocity of leads to revenue.

Research suggests that customers go through a five-stage decision-making process in any purchase.

Customers pass through all stages in every purchase. However, in more routine purchases, customers often skip or reverse some of the stages.

Mediascope marketing intelligence team works for capturing the big picture to see which investments are more crucial than the others