Marketing Budget Auditing & Efficiency

Marketing is an investment, allocated from %1 to %10 of annual turnover of your company. Analyzing the commercial impact of this investment is crucial for every company for eliminating unefficient investments, thus creating space for new marketing options.

Mediascope’s Total Marketing Auditing (TMA™) system is an entire marketing & media investment control system, a brand new approach to ROMI in both ATL and BTL budgets.

What is the main function of TMA?

TMA is a framework for measuring the added value of marketing investments to the commercial progress of the company. TMA identifies whether any cost-saving opportunities or any strategic weak spots are present in the marketing plan.

How can we get more from our marketing budget? - Real estate client in Lebanon

TMA takes a close examination of your current business KPIs and how your marketing affects each area of it. This is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic evaluation of your marketing assets for:

  • Financial Analysis and Performance
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
What is the business impact of our marketing investments? - Consumer Electronics client in Qatar
Procurement department had some hard time choosing the right supplier for niche marketing investments where cost was not the only variable. Your TMA team saved the day - Airline Operator in KSA

TMA focuses on evaluating the input and output seperately. To get the same output, we almost always find a less costly way. Exhibitions, conferences, visual merchandising, POS material production and many other investments have detailed expenditures within. Having approximate costs from different suppliers, TMA team audits the marketing value of each expense in these investments

Here is an example about the savings performance of TMA framework: