Media Budget Auditing & Benchmarking

M edia is almost always the largest investment block in the marketing budget. Gaining the highest exposure is the ultimate expectation of the company from this investment. This depends not only on your ad positioning and media strategy, but also on the purchasing power of your agency. However, agencies have different deal strengths on different medium. Evaluating and benchmarking this power is not easy for the investor company and may take a long time to accomplish.Is our agency’s deal with media owners the best?

Having the most detailed sectoral cost pools, we provide our clients with the confidence in our data’s reliability. We compare the client’s agency performance against sector averages or similar sized brands.

Developed by Mediascope, Total Marketing Auditing (TMA™) is an entire marketing & media buying control system and a brand new approach to create space in marketing budget for more marketing investments. It’s a detailed auditing system of marketing investments particularly for measuring the cost and value of each investment. In TMA, we percieve the marketing expenses of your company as potential opportunities for creating savings. From big media spends to small figured BTL investments , our controlling team members assess your every single investment on marketing.Where can we save money without losing effectiveness?

For media cost scanning, our proprietary tool ADMAX™ gives us the full database of media intelligence for sectoral media costs, competitor media investment benchmarking and marketing ROI measurement. ADMAX™ is a unique tool that gives us not only cost data but also tools for deeper analysis and initiative for prompt actions.

You managed to save $190.000 out of our 2015 media plan

FMCG Client in Turkey who now has the data to track future media purchases