Campaign Performance Monitoring

T hroughout the year, we assess individual campaigns, coaching our clients to work more effectively with their agency to improve success both online and offline.


We crosscheck:

  • How close is the campaign to reach defined KPIs and expected outcomes?
  • Controlling if the ongoing campaign is delivering positive results in line with the media investment strategy and campaign expectations. In case of any unexpected outcome, immediate action can save time and money.

  • Is the agency delivering parallel to media plan exactly?
  • Mediums might make mistakes. Media performance monitoring and compliance to media plan is one of the the main responsibilities of the agency. Dates, timings, placements and locations of the ads should be controlled in a daily basis and proofs should be submitted during the campaign.

  • Are the publications/spots being delivered on promised placements?
  • Sometimes it’s not the case. A magazine can publish the ad on the wrong page or a TV channel can broadcast a prime-time spot after midnight. Unless warned instantly, mediums may repeat these mistakes.

  • Are the creatives giving the targetted message or is there any unexpected comprehension?
  • The creatives sometimes may not work in accordance with the marketing strategy. The message may not be understood perfectly and this may affect the campaign performance tremendously. As Mediscope we observe the campaign like your potential buyer. If we sense any sort of communication failure, we conduct a sample audience survey to understand the problem perfectly, if there is any. This may secure an important sum of investment.

  • Is there any urge to change the ongoing plan for any necessity?
We are no digital experts. We would have never noticed the problem, unless you intervened on time - Finance client in Turkey who was not aware that their digital campaign was not delivering at all.

Immediate action may be necessary for mediums delivering less than the promised efficiency. Especially digital platforms lose/gain exposure very often and their performance should be monitored at specific periods to check if there is any need for instant amendments