Pitch Management

A gency pitches are the best means of benchmarking media cost and fees at a point in time. Mediascope manages the entire selection and pitch process from initial brief to cost guarantee tables management.

Brands may not have the confindence to challenge the agencies in a pitch, mainly because of the lack of media value information. What’s more, direct agency contact during a pitch may lead to misunderstandings and leakages which affect the health of the pitch. To overcome these problems, we

  • Help senior procurement or usually manage the entire process directly from start to the end
  • Apply a 7-step process: 2 pre-pitch, 1 pitching, 2 support, 1 negotiation and 1 commitment
  • Challenge the agencies in a tactical way for
    • The Best Strategy and Reasoning Behind
    • Cost Guarantee Tables
  • Advise the procurement department for the key points and reach a decision on the most objective grounds
  • Constant contact with international MediaScope community in multinational pitch cases
We are finally confident about the choice we made in our overseas markets - Automobile client who had trouble in the aftermath of local agency selection process

Mediascope applies WFA Guidelines on pitch processes